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Early in my life I have been fortunate to have grown up among a few guru A-Type entrepreneurs, who have made a lasting impression within my mind my soul and have become an incredible influence upon my life today. Many of them I have had the privilege of witnessing conduct their business regiment firsthand. These highly self-directed individuals have made such an impression on me that even though some are long departed, I still feel their presence echoing throughout my mind, heart, and soul. I am grateful for being raised in a culture and lifestyle that has afforded me the advantage of learning from such motivated achievers.

These independent individuals chosen the path of business owners, independent contractors, entertainers, and ministers. Yes ministers, you know that guy who operates that building around the corner from you with all those cars in the parking lot each week. Think about it, what keeps their patrons coming back regularly if there is not a good reason for being there. Looking at it from a business perspective, is that the key business concept in operating a church is that, its purpose fulfills a greater need towards a kind of life fulfillment that is hard wired in the hearts and minds of every human being ~ Don’t worry, I’m not pitching you a sermon, here. But the sense of cause and communicative atmosphere provides a psychological, and spiritual benefit that keeps them coming back every week.

Some of the most entrepreneurial, purpose driven, self-starters are in some form of ministry with whom I personally know. But in this article, I am addressing everyone who has succeeded in some form of endeavor, and I’ll share with you the not so secret traits I have learned from them.

Here Are Their Personal Characteristics

All successful entrepreneurs are typically: ambitious, a self-starter, intelligent, persistent, passionate, driven, has a vast-diverse knowledge in and outside of the industry, possesses a youthful spirit, has heart, is somewhat stubborn, possess leadership skills & is a team player, possesses organizational skills, salesmanship, is a constant self-evaluator, and conducts his/ her actions according to some kind of universal etiquette that does not violate the rights of others.

How to Follow in Their Footsteps

  1. Number one is obvious - Discover a purpose, find that need people can’t do without then go forth and fulfill it; something that the general public, or a large enough market would find useful as a product or service.

  2. A second skill is - Start something you have a gift, an ability, or experience with. One way to start is to (Go for What You Know). What set of marketable skills do you currently possess. What do you desire to learn about?

  3. Choose This Path Wisely - Does it match your personality drive, energy and skill set. Know what you are about to get into. Consider even the minor things involved such as:

  • The hours you will have to work.

  • Will you need to possess communicative skills as salesmanship and negotiating?

  • How much money do you need to get the business started? Where will it come from?

  • Do you have the knowledge and skills to financially keep it running during the early lean months or years?

  • Does it require leadership skills, and can you handle the challenges and trials involved with that form of business endeavor.

There are several individual paths these successful person has taken to be where they are, even when tutored by a mentor. The difference is in their individual personalities, drive, dedication, habits, skills and experiences we all inherit all our own. So, choose the path that calls or suits you individually and always improve your abilities to become the best at what you take on.

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