How to "Build Confidence" for Public Speaking

One of the most valuable skills to develop.
Confident Public speaking

For the next few posts I am going to help you build a valuable business skill by sharing one of the most important areas of commerce you should develop and practice regularly.

In my prior career of film and video there is a very important procedure known in both industries as conducting the site survey, this is where a designated person usually an associate producer armed with a checklist, a small camera, and measuring equipment ventures onto a future shooting location to gather stats and data for the Director, Cinematographer, and Line Producers, three distinct positions among the long list of titles you will find scrolling upon the ending credits of every production. This important task is executed so that you the audience will enjoy nearly flawless sequences throughout every adjoining and consecutive scene. Gathering foreknowledge is one of those important musts when you want to present flawless results to your audience.

So how does film making align with delivering a speech?

Know Your Subject

Hopefully you already possess a degree of expertise and experience on the subject you want to deliver. When it comes to building confidence nothing else compares to the hours of dedicated practice that is attained through professional level experience. If you feel you have not attained that level of maturity on a particular subject then build you knowledge base on everything you can find to prepare you for executing a confident delivery, if not entirely from your own experience then acquire what you need from the testimony of others. When a subject you desire to speak on inspires or stirs you enough, using the testimony of others coupled with the added emotion you feel on a particular subject has a way of conveying a powerful message to your audience. I hope you are beginning to see where that confidence actually comes from?

Familiarize yourself with the basics of your topic on the beginner’s level so you can make your delivery more personal and not have it sound as if you are delivering a lecture using technical jargon and complex explanations. There will be many times your audience is comprised of veterans seated alongside people just entering that particular field of interest or study.

Know Your Audience and All the Major Players

Before attending an event, even as a spectator I always take time to engage in a little research on the people attending:

  • Who is this event targeted toward (the audience.)

  • Who are the organizers and keynote speakers?

  • What topics will be discussed?

  • Who will speak on what topic?

  • Will there be performers providing entertainment; who are they?

This type of information is essential in helping you make your speech connect with everything centered around the event.

During the Event In Addition to Your Prior Research

Hold conversations with the organizers and your fellow presenters; make yourself know to everyone attending this event especially vendors and people who will make up the audience. This activity helps build your confidence while also allowing you to better connect with the people that could become valuable contacts for future business. Also ask for permission to us a quote or name-drop before you go on stage if the person you are conversing with plays a key role in the subject you are about to discuss. This shows that you are part of the group.

Let the Event Become Your Inspiration

Conduct research on the event itself to help with outlining your key points and main theme:

  • Where and when will it take place (the city or vicinity itself could play a part in that particular organization’s history.)

  • What will be on display or demonstrated that you could use as reference in your discussion.

  • What activities will take place for event attendees (things people in the audience will see and interact with.)

  • If there is video of past conferences available on-line or DVD view them; especially the speaking sessions.

This is information that helps build a mental picture around the subject you want to deliver.

Having confidence in a given situation usually occur when you already possess some foreknowledge or experience within a particular subject or activity you are about to engage upon. ~ Quote, myself

Know Yourself - As A Person

Human beings by nature are social creatures something we share in common with our four-legged canine cousins. Like them we enjoy life better when we are among the pack. Making a connection with the people involved helps to remove those proverbial butterflies we all experience when coming up against the unknown in a public setting. Why not have a few friendly faces to look upon when you are up there before dozens of eyes.

Knowledge is your power on-stage, and the knowledge you obtain is the fuel that will carry you confidently through every presentation you will ever make.

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