This program talks about how you can benefit from passive income investing, in Non-Performing Commercial Mortgage Notes.

Just like a residential home buyer, a business owner may not have the necessary funds to purchase a building to house their operations. This is when they may seek the services of a lender, when they feel it is best to buy instead of renting.

This is when they may seek a source of funds through a lender. Now the lender can either be a bank or a private money investor. Both private and institutional lenders conduct their deals through a contract called the note; an agreement between both borrower and lender. (You may have also heard it referred to, as a “Promissory Note.”)

Now because of circumstances similar a home buyer, the business income or revenue may not keep up with the expenses that the business incurred. Leaving them to hold-off on paying the monthly mortgage, sometimes for several months. Some do recover, but there are those that don’t; leading them to default on the loan.

As you know from your own experiences with banks, financial institutions are usually not very flexible on terms. They require that the monthly payment be on time and no less than full payment. Now they may bend a little for your circumstances but lengthening the loan or lowering the payment amount, is a lot of times out of the question.

That’s where a company like my Young Estate Group, steps-in. We acquire a list of these default loans, when the bank feels that they hold a losing hand in the deal. But you as an investor can legally perform what the bank is not will to exercise. I’ll tell you more about How, next week.

What Young Estate Group does is notify investors, like yourself about certain key properties that are a good prospect for your portfolio. Since the loans are in default, we negotiate a discount with the bank on the total of the notes value. Which can be a discount of 30-50 percent of its market value; giving investors like yourself a terrific Return on Investment. Somewhere between 8-30% ROI.

Next week I’m going to show you the advantages of investing in Non-Performing Mortgage Notes, and how experienced investors make this investment vehicle truly passive income.

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