Avoiding the Carnage of GameStop

My Stock Choices.
Precious Metals on the Rise!

I considered shorting Gamestop that Sunday before the major market events started to unfold, kept close watch, made my analysis; but then… the hammer dropped. I'll tell you the details a little later in this post.

My Market Plays During that Unfolding

Uranium Mining Stock

I decided to pick up a few contracts of uranium stock. It is one of the more proven sources of zero-emission/ clean energy - emitting no greenhouse gases when generating electricity (though its use and disposal should be handled with great care.) Myself and other hard-core investors see future potential within this form of energy production.

Yes It's Dangerous…

Current nuclear power is through atomic fission, hopefully we will invent something similar to fusion activity (like our Sun), but that method as we experience on Earth can scorch a surface even 93 million miles away due to the huge production factory it is; also enormous amounts of gravity seems to be a key component in its operation. We will have to find a derivative method to harness this power, such as an electric heater as oppose to fire, or the invention of an aircraft from the natural design of the bird - We can do it eventually!

Solar & Wind

Ah… let's just say I'm keeping those stock under my financial microscope for now.

Oil Stock

My Fall 2020 oil stock purchase has risen but held steady lately. I and others expect a rise in this market when the various companies that make use of it slowly pick up their production levels. This buying session in oil may be my last run, due to the popular switch to cleaner energy and the changes within the business operations I am finding occurring with oil production companies.

Avoiding the Feeding Frenzy

As an Options Play I kind of stepped back from Gamestop and AMC, even though I saw it early and noticed something was not normal about these rising stats. This dolphin just watched the carnage unfold as the sharks, orcas and seals have at it, because the market regulator gods could step in and drop a monkey wrench which could cause you to loose very big. Just like the Chinese stock fiasco that happened earlier in January - I'll make my multi-millions slowly, thank you. But I did buy Naked Puts on INTC (Intel) & CMCSA (Comcast) which made out very well for me last week.

My Watchlist

Silver Mining Stock

I seriously wanted to grabs some silver stock since it was at a very "sweet low," but the frenzied forum traders artificially drove the stock higher than it should be; I'll have to wait and watch. I want it as part of my future inflation hedge.

Gold Mining Stock

Gold is another metal I have my investing eye on, to pick up and hold also as a future inflation hedge.

I love trading as a profession. My passion lies in working with complicated concepts and systems, deciphering the codes underneath that make the whole operations run. I also love sharing these findings with others - I treat all of this very serious.

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