Our Buying Process

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After you fill out the Online Form.  We’ll then gather further information from current county and state records, so we can begin our research.  We use the online form from this website, but are also happy to gather the information via email if you prefer.


Our staff research the property to come up with a fair evaluation considering various aspects of the property, its current use, the status of other property nearby along with an evaluation of the general surrounding area.


Our staff and general partners discuss our findings and evaluation before we present you an offer. If the offer is something that you would like to pursue, we send you the offer and other required paperwork to move forward with the transaction. Typically within 48 hours.


We also setup a time and place to do the closing. Usually we can send a mobile notary to your preferred location to give you hassle free closing. Or if privacy is a concern, we can conduct the notarization through www.Notrary.com .  


Once we all agree on a price and the closing procedure, we move forward with you towards a quick closing on the property.  We will Pay You Cash! Our goal is to make this process as hassle free as possible.  We believe in that goal so much, that we almost consider ourselves more of a customer service organization than a land buying company.  Our goal is to make this process easy and straightforward for you!

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