What Notes We Buy

Non-Accruals & 90+ Days Late

  • Multi-Family 

  • Land

Commercial, Farm, Subdivisions

  • Mobile Home Parks

  • Health Care Facilities

  • Specialized Properties

Golf Course, Parking Lot, Gas Station, Church

No worries if you don't have the type of properties listed above. Just let us know what is on your tape; such as single family mortgages & duplexes. Call Us!


(833) 526-3568

We Work With Our Borrowers

We pride ourselves on working with the borrower on notes we buy,

offering them:

  • Workable Terms

  • Very Low Interest Rates

  • Joint Partnering

  • Buying Their Interests outright

  • Business Coaching

Whatever gets our new borrowers back on their road to success.

Need To Tell Us More?

  • We Pay All Closing Costs on Non-Performing Notes Purchased.

    15 min

We Buy Distressed Assets - Notes & REO