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How To Find The Money &

Off-Market Property

Find & Finance Investment Real Estate

Becoming a fulltime real estate investor is not an impossible task, once you know where to find the money and resources to get into the business - "This Guide Shows You All of That!"

Glamping site investors

Short Term Rentals

A Glamping site is a low cost way to enter the vacation rental business. The techniques used in this guide can get you started.

Luxury vrbo investors

Long Term Rentals

Don't just dream about it! You can get into this business sooner than you think. Even if you want to increase your portfolio.



The guide will show you how to invest without going it alone. Partnerships and syndication are two ways a lot of people find deals. 

Get The Deal You Deserve

Don't pay too much for land that has a lot of fees built into the price. In most cases, the seller must pay marketing and realtor fees, which they recoup by inflating the price they charge you.


You can get a better deal by buying through an investor who can give you the lowest price.


Find & Finance

Off-Market Property

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